Security of supply and sustainable growth of the food chain in the recovery from the corona epidemic in Satakunta Region (eKETJU)

The corona epidemic, covid-19, has shown the great importance of local food production and food security due to the border restrictions and lockdowns in Finland. Although the production of grain, special crops and meat in the southwestern Finland, and their high degree of processing are one of the region’s strengths, the food production also needs e.g. inputs imported from abroad. During the corona epidemic, we have entered an era where we need to identify novel solutions to living with unforeseen uncertainties.

Therefore, eKETJU project seeks solutions to the risks, weaknesses and threats identified in the southwestern Finland, in the Region of Satakunta food chain (production-processing-distribution / retail) during the corona epidemic, which may jeopardize food security and supply in the area.

eKETJU together with the actors of the food chain, co-creates proposals for development measures with a focus on sustainability, resource wisdom and low carbon. We also evaluate by the data modeling the influences of identified sensitivities and co-created novel development measures e.g. through machine learning throughout the food chain.

Our project results: production development policy options and the applicability of the data modeling platform strengthen the corona revitalization of the Satakunta Region food chain, generate new green growth by improving the operating conditions of food production and distribution, and also strengthen the operations of the food chain in new crisis. Extensive information on project work, interim and final results is provided, e.g. through cooperation networks and events at the provincial food sector and of digitalization, as well as through national and international networks.

eKETJU is a joint project between the Pyhäjärvi Institute and the University of Tampere, Pori University Center.