Pyhäjärvi Institute

Pyhäjärvi Institute in an expert organisation that plans and implements development, research and further education projects in the food industry, water protection and the bioeconomy.

Pyhäjärvi Institute

Pyhäjärvi Institute is a regional centre of research, development and education in the municipality of Eura, in Southwest Finland.

The main activities of the Institute are planning and implementation of development projects, carrying out scientific research, organising further education especially for regional companies and producers, and providing expertise services for food economy and aquatic systems.

Pyhäjärvi Institute’s operation is based on the aim defined in the deed of foundation at the time of registration in 1989: Pyhäjärvi Institute’s mission is to promote and develop further education, research and other development actions concerning food economy and environment sectors. Special areas of interest include food economy, circular economy, water protection and restoration.

Sustainable development as a guideline

The development work is based on the principles of sustainable development. The aim is to secure durable competitiveness of food production in the Satakunta region and to enhance the state of local aquatic habitats and to increase environmental awareness.

Maintained by a Foundation

Pyhäjärvi Institute is maintained by a foundation established by the local municipalities and companies in the Pyhäjärvi region and the University of Turku. Co-operation between the Institute’s experts and regional, national and international stakeholders creates diverse possibilities to carry out successful projects.

Objectives of food economy

Work in the food economy division is focused on securing competitiveness of the vegetable production chain, ensuring product safety, enhancing awareness on local products and raw materials and providing special education to companies.

Objectives of water protection

Work in the aquatic division, together with local interest groups, is focused on improving the water quality and ecological status of local aquatic systems. It also prioritizes maintaining ecological research and passing on the results of the research to interest groups.