Co-design and co-ordination between biodiversity and climate-resistant activities on poultry farms — regional and local pilots (SiipiHiili)

In Finnish poultry production, the climate effects of egg and broiler meat production chains have recently been assessed. Since poultry farms have other production activities such as feed crop cultivation and forestry, poultry production needs to determine how to co-ordinate activities that promote both biodiversity and carbon sequestration based on research knowledge.

In SiipiHiili project, we are promoting farming practices that reduce emissions from the land-use sector. We target our efforts to diversify crop type rotations, enhance the year-round plant cover, catch crops, the deep-rooted varieties and cultivation of legumes and therefore to increase crop productivity, soil health and carbon sequestration. In the whole of farm land use, the plant covers of various edge zones are relevant to biodiversity.

The project area with six provinces comprises 95% of the poultry production in Finland, a total of c.
520 egg, chicken and turkey farms. Practical actions take place on 8-10 poultry farms, on the basis of which we publish a guide to the practical measures that can contribute to the growth of carbon sinks and stocks along increased farm-scale biodiversity for poultry producers, others in the industry operators, advisors and consumers.

SiipiHiili is a joint project between the Pyhäjärvi Institute and the Finnish Poultry Association.

The aim of the Catch the Carbon package of climate measures coordinated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is to strengthen the competence and knowledge base related to climate work in the land use sector and support agricultural producers, forest owners and other parties who make land use decisions in developing and introducing climate change resilient practices. Read more about the package and about the projects that have already been funded at