Better water management of acid sulphate soils in the water catchment area of the river Eurajoki

Acid sulphate soils in the catchment area of the river Eurajoki sometimes have a significant impact on the water quality of the river and on the biocommunity. The river Eurajoki serves as a breeding area for trout, salmon and migratory whitefish and is a significant source of raw water.

The project will focus on the risk assessment of water catchment areas, risk management planning, practical measures and communication on sulphate soils. The actions to be taken shall be accompanied by active monitoring to verify the impact.

The aim of the project is to:

  1. Reduce the impact of sulphate soils on the water quality and biocommunity of the river Eurajoki
  2. Produces a water management risk management plan to reduce the environmental damage caused by sulphate soils in the sulphate-based sub-valve area of the river Eurajoki
  3. By means of pilots and advice, add information about acid sulphate soils for the implmentation of drying and other land of use