Holistic Approach in Lake Restoration II – Lake Köyliönjärvi and River Yläneenjoki

Hola Lake is a transnational cooperation project between four research oriented organisations. Funding is from five Finnish LAGs and a Swedish LAG:

Lake Vesijärvi Foundation (funding Etpähä and Päijänne-Leader), The Association of Water and Environment of Western Uusimaa (funding Ykkösakseli), Pyhäjärvi Institute (funding Leader Satasilta and Jokivarsikumppanit) and Osby municipality (funding Skånes ESS)

International cooperation provides unique possibilities to widen the area of project implementation and increases possibilities to find new ideas and know-how. Combining local networks of project partners will attract more people in local areas and solidify existing relationships between people who actively participate in lake management activities.

Main goals for the project are following:

  • Improve the knowledge and methods on the reduction of external loading
  • Improve the efficiency of methods on the management of fish stocks
  • Enhance the local and commercial use of fish management catch
  • Improve the knowledge and methods of management of reed beds
  • Enhance the use of harvested reed as raw material
  • Increase the knowledge and involvement of local people in monitoring and control of harmful, invasive species
  • Increase cooperation between local residents and surrounding organizations
  • Increase international cooperation and create professional networks

Website of the project can be found: https://www.vesijarvi.fi/en/hola2/