Improving the quality management of the Papinpelto stormwater wetland in Rauma Urban Area

A wetland solution for the management of stormwater runoffs and for temporary sea floods in the southwestern Finland, in the City of Rauma, Papinpelto residential area was completed in 2018. At the same time, the urban area around the stormwater wetland has been densifying and land is more covered with sealed surfaces. Therefore, this project investigated in 2021-2022 the functionality of the wetland as an effort to retain and reduce contaminants from stormwater before the water flows towards a nearby sea bay.

The project implemented the following workpackages:
1. Investigation of water quality and especially, variation among the concentrations of contaminants in the stormwater runoffs of the Papinpelto residential area.
2. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the current wetland structure in removing harmful substances
3. Improving the wetland structure with vegetation solutions and
4. Proposing project solutions for other similar stormwater quality management sites, and in particular providing information on the measures as part of the sustainable development of urban residential, recreational and natural environments.

The project team actively shared information about the project and its results to Rauma residents, visitors, authorities and decision-makers, as well as to regional and national co-operation networks in the field on the quality management of the stormwater. The project was implemented by the Pyhäjärvi Institute interactively in the cooperation with the authorities, planners and also residents of the City of Rauma.

Final report (in Finnish)