Small water bodies – Pienvesi-HELMI

Small water bodies include brooks, rills, springs, spring-fed mires, flads and gloe lakes. They are highly important for overall ecological and hydrological integrity of aquatic ecosystems, and they support rich biodiversity. Small water bodies are vulnerable for the slightest changes in surrounding environment, and thus, intensive land use has led to extensive degradation of small water bodies.

Pienvesi-HELMI is a consortium project, which includes restorations and assessments of small water bodies around Finland. The project aims to raise awareness of small water bodies and how their state can be improved by restoration measures. New assessment and monitoring methods will be also developed, and co-operation between groups involved in restorations will be reinforced. Pienvesi-HELMI is coordinated by Finnish Freshwater Foundation and partner organisations include Keski-Suomen vesi ja ympäristö ry, Länsi-Uudenmaan vesi ja ympäristö ry, Valonia and Pyhäjärvi Institute.

Pyhäjärvi Institute will focus on three objectives:
1. Restoration of Myllyumpaidanoja
2. Restoration assessment of Ahmasoja
3. Spring restoration in Omassuo