Sustainable water management in forestry (VesiKestävä)

The project is aiming to enhance and develop water management and water protection in forestry, considering also economic, ecological, and social sustainability. The project strengthens the adaptation of agriculture and forestry to the changing climate and water conditions.

In cooperation with municipalities and other communities, the following pilot sites promoting sustainable water management in forestry will be implemented: continuous cover forestry, afforestation, compound channel, multifunctional wetland and ditch blocking with dam structure.

During the project, field days for stakeholders will be arranged on the pilot sites and the pilot sites will serve as a training and example areas after the project. In addition, digital story maps from the pilot sites will be created, where sustainable water management methods are presented visually. The outcome of the project is a digital guide with the title Water management in forestry as a part of the climate change adaptation, which is aimed at private landowners and other stakeholders.

Project partners: Finnish Forest Centre (project leader), Pyhäjärvi Institute and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences