The welfare of pigs – the future of intelligent pig farming

By improving the welfare of the animals, the conditions of the animals are positively affected, but also the production results and the profitability of the farms. In addition, animal welfare has positive consumer effects, as more and more consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by the conditions of the animals.

Through the renewal of the Animal Welfare.

Act, which is being prepared, changes will be made to the current building stock, the keeping of animals, and thus the structure and number of animals in piggeries. In the project, the continuation of the farm’s production in the coming years will be mapped. The most important thing in the implementation of this project is site-specific development advice, which includes e.g. drawing sketches of the piggery repair or extension and advice during the  construction work.

The best practices and construction solutions are compiled into guidelines that facilities can use in future investments. During the project, information sessions will be organized for investing farms.